Construction Management is not for everyone. A client needs to trust their Construction Management and know that the CM will have their best interest at heart.

But, imagine having an experienced expert in his field, helping make all the right decisions, unbiased by a profit margin; only the integrity of the home and the owners' satisfaction as the reward.

In general, the Construction Management route is more flexible, allowing the client to literally help out on site if they wish to, or postpone a discussion until the home is framed and they can feel the space, just to use an example.

Its biggest downfall is also its greatest attribute - flexibility. As the home is created and its beauty realized, it is ever so tempting to step beyond the budgeted allowance to make it even better.

The opposite is also true; the flexibility allows savings to be incorporated. All the savings are realized by the client and not the contractor, and that is one of the jobs of the project Manager - to save the client money where possible.